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Applying to Journey Academy   

We are delighted that you have decided to apply to the Journey Academy of Beijing (JA) and welcome applications from students of all nationalities. JA community offers an environment that values respect, rigor, responsibility and relationships. JA welcomes all students and families who understand and support the school’s mission, philosophy and goals.

The process is as follows.

Step 1: Arrange a Visit

Tours and Open Houses are available on a monthly basis and are a great opportunity to meet our team and learn more about JA. We encourage all parents to make an appointment and visit our campus before enrolling in our programs, in this way parents will be able to know our school culture personally and ask any questions.


Step 2: Submit Application

2.1 Complete the online application: (Please open with Safari, FireFox or Google Chrome)

Step 3: Interview and notification

Once we have received the application listed above, we will invite you and your child(ren) for an interview or testing.


Parent will receive one of the following notifications from school:

- Acceptance letter along with health check information letter and invoice

- Waitlist notification email, or

- Rejection email


STEP 4: Payment

Full payment is required before a student may attend class. Please refer to the invoice for the amount due, the due date and the bank information. Please write down your child’s grade level and name while transferring, and please send the bank slip to after transferred. For all accepted students, placement will be guaranteed upon confirmation from the JA Finance department. If full payment is not received by the due date, we cannot guarantee the placement for your child.


STEP 5: Preparation for entering school

- Complete the Health Check before the deadline (within three months before school starts)

- Pick up uniform according to the notice.

- Prepare for school according to the welcome letter via email.

-Refer to Operations Department for a new account on Brightwheel and Raz-kids